Rolls Royce Professional Work Experience opportunity.

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Rolls Royce Professional Work Experience opportunity.

We are looking for three students to work as a team to produce a short 5 – 8 min video looking at the top 10 thinks to consider when shooting a video for a blog.

This video will be for Rolls Royce internal training purposes and be used to give their staff tips when creating video for their own blogs.

The project is due to start ASAP and a version needs completing for the 21st April.

Anyone interested please contact Spencer – aa1828 @ for details. I would like to meet with the three people this week so if you’re interested please get in contact ASAP.


Professional Experience: VERY URGENT

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Please note that all of you should have filled in the necessary paperwork for your Professional Experience but few actually have.

You need to fill in the forms below and send them to your Academic Personal Tutor to get them signed off. YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY COVERED TO DO PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED THESE FORMS.

CF Student Pack Work Placements-2

CF WP01 Opportunity Confirmation Form-1

CF WP02 Induction Checklist-1

CF WP04 Risk Assessment Form 2012

If you need any help with any aspect of Professional Experience, I have tutorials this Thursday (29th March) from 9.00 – 1.30 to help and, if necessary, sign the paperwork. Please sign up for a tutorial on the sheet outside my office.

If we don’t see you before your experience, have a good one. Look forward to seeing you in May for the last module of the year: 202MC: Rethink, React, Respond.

Professional Experience Projects

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We have now had all the initial meetings for each of the professional experience projects that you have the opportunity to take part in this year. Many of you have been to all of the meetings in order to decide which projecty or projects you want to do so now is the time to decide. It is importnat not to overstretch yourselves but you should now have a better sense of what the projects will involve in terms of time and effort. Make sure that you let the people on the project know if you wish to no longer do it/them.

For those of you who missed meetings, Facebook pages and/or blogs have been set up to keep everyone in the loop. This includes times for the next meetings which you must attend if you want to be part of the project from the beginning and have a say in how they are run. Make sure therfore, that you look at them, join the groups and subscribe to the blogs asap.

The spaces for each of the projects is as follows:
Culturae Mundi project:  Facebook – Media Production (CM)!/groups/173240896100608/
Cathedral Projects:
WW1 Hut video:
Cities of Conflict documentary: and Facebook – Cities of Conflict (!/groups/220134084722009/)
Iceland video: and Facebook – Islensk Upptokur (!/search/results.php?q=Islensk%20Upptokur&init=quick&tas=0.2779194245160556)
BBC Big screen Olympic videos:
Law Video!/groups/288370261202849/
California Road Trip: and Facebook 

please do not e-mail me any more with requests for roles and requests for what went on in meetings. The aim from this point on is that the groups, and primarily the producers, will start to masnage the projects under my (increasingly hands-off) guidance. If you need to know anything from now on, go onto the blog or ask the question on Facebook.

This is going to be a very good year for us if the enthusiasm in the meetings is anything to go by, if we all work hard and all stay on task with the projects. Your showreels and portfolios are going to look awesome (as are ours)!

Atlantic Whale Foundation: VERY URGENT

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Please note the following important announcement from the University regarding the Atlantic Whale Foundation who gave a talk at yesterday’s Professional Experience Day:

Important Information Regarding Projects Involving the Atlantic Whale Foundation [AWF]:
 It has just come to our attention that, following unsuccessful collaboration with the Atlantic Whale Foundation organisation, Coventry University will no longer be able to engage in any form of collaboration with this organisation – including placements and/or remote projects – (and whatever derived organisations affiliated with it), with immediate effect.
 The International Experience and Mobility Service [IEMS] therefore recommends students not to engage with this organisation and confirms that any form of project undertaken in collaboration with the AWF will not be endorsed, accredited nor funded by Coventry University and will remain entirely at students’ own responsibility. Should you have any query about this issue, please call IEMS at 02476 15 21 08. 

APT Tutorials: Week Commencing 12th December 2011

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It’s (nearly) Christmas time

There’s no need to be afraid …


You will all know that you have one more Academic Personal tutorial this term. The times for these are in this document:

Academic Personal Tutorials: December 2011

Please make sure that you turn up for your tutorial in good time as there are specific times for all MP students and if you miss yours or are late, it has a knock on effect. All tutorials will take place in ET basement rooms so come down and we will let you know where they are at that point. It is important that you attend this tutorial as we will be looking at the feedback you have received for all of your modules this term and working on an action plan for how you will improve your performance next term.

For 2nd Year students, it is also an opportunity to talk through your progress in terms of Professional Experience and to get the paperwork signed off (Confirmation Form, Placement Letter and the Risk Assessment Form).

For 3rd Year students, it is also an opportunity to talk through the progress you are making with your FMPs and your Professional Practice Portfolio.

Short Film Production: URGENT

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Hi All

For those of you who who are planning to do the Short Film module next term, there are a few things that you need to do to get ready for the module.

1. Buy the module book, the wonderful Video Production by Dawkins and Wynd.

Read it over Christmas as we will be using it as an aide-memoire throughout the module.

2. We will be working with Film Nation Shorts next term. They will be bringing in a crew and professional actors to do a masterclass on directing. The deal is that we provide some films to their competition so, you should all look at their website now:

Their competition brief is that they are:

…  looking for films up to three minutes long, inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic values of respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality as well as (their) new theme of truce. 

As you can see, these words are very broad, so what we want you to do is to start thinking of ideas around each of those words. You will be asked to produce scripts by week 2/3 of the module so the further you get in developing those ideas, the better. The diagram on  page 42 of the wonderful Dawkins and Wynd is worth looking at here as it shows you the stages that you need to go through before beginning to script.

3. We will be using the JVC 700 cameras in the module so start researching them.

Looking forward to working with you on the module a lot.

Steve and Spencer (James not Murphy)

Urgent Announcement

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Charles Miller’s wife has had a car accident.

His Coventry Conversation on Facebookis therefore postponed to


He apologises.Sodo i.Itwill be worth waiting

Coventry Conversations This Week

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‘Filming Zuck: the inside story of BBC2’s Inside Facebook documentary’

Charles Miller the producer will come to Cov three days after transmission of this one of the best advertised,most high profile BBC documentaries of the year fronted by Emily Maitlis to talk about making it,Facebook and getting Mark Zuckerberg on camera.Unmissable for all students of media,social media and computing

Thursday December 8th 1.00 ETG34


Coventry Graduate,resident and feature film director on the making of her sequel starring David Tennent.It has just wrapped filming and is due to be in cinemas in Xmas 2012.Nativity One will be on terrestrial television over Xmas.


BBC Placement Opportunity

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Please see following if you are interetsed in a BBC placement but you need to get cracking: date for application is soon!

BBC Work Experience Placement Advert